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Supply Chain Design


Harness the power of a modern supply chain platform to answer what-if scenarios and maximize your network.

Companies that make the right decisions at the right time succeed.


Businesses succeed or fail by the speed and quality of their decisions. Whether the goal is revenue, profitability, a competitive edge or all of the above, the best decisions are the ones informed by data and AI.

Improve efficiencies with the right insights

Synthesize innovative augmented intelligence capabilities to make smarter, more human-centric, data-driven, effective, accountable, and synchronous decisions with your business.

Placing human skills at the center of competitiveness and growth in the age of smart technology.

Maximize the ROI

With AMIGO IQ, business intelligence consulting services, the time-consuming and financial burden of pre-development, delivery and implementation is done on our side: you can directly leverage best-in-class BI solution extended with consulting services . By minimizing development and deployment costs and improving user adoption, you'll realize faster value.

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What if solving one problem could unlock solutions to thousands more?

Design, build, and implement custom solutions that leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence to help your organization reach its goals faster than ever.

We create intelligent systems where AI can identify trends, anomalies, and growth hacking opportunities in your operational processes to aid in informed decision-making at the executive level. 

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Calculate the  Impact 

AMIGO IQ, has 56 DATA SCIENTISTS around the world. From Silicon Valley, Mexico to Japan, you'll find a passionate and dedicated team of innovators, technical experts, and visionaries. All with PhDs and Masters in data science, quantum math, statistics, decades of proven B2B solutions, and lifetime experience.

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Achieve low-cost compliance

For more info, on how Ai works ( under the hood details ) click below 

The current state of evolution in machine learning

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