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Not All Data Is AI Ready:

Avoid Bottlenecks to Aid

Deep Learning

AMIGO IQ systems ARE built using deep learning, and are only as smart as the data that trains the models within. To ensure optimal intelligence, here’s how to set a firmer foundation for data quality.




It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to harness the potential of unstructured data. We have experience working on complex problems involving images, speech, and text.

We customize solutions that use syntactic and semantic analysis, and our delivery team has successfully run several projects involving natural language processing, sentiment mining, and text classification.

We actively work with the latest and most sophisticated Machine Learning techniques to offer these solutions. Our goal is to solve the unstructured data problems of today and continue to explore solutions for the unstructured data of the future.

Big Data team that has designed and implemented large-scale Big Data ecosystems and applications for various organizations. Our expertise spans all aspects of Big Data, including the underlying open source technologies and leading platforms.


We provide an unbiased perspective, and the ability to design and build business solutions, that will dramatically accelerate your time to big data recovery.

Big data and artificial intelligence con

Your unstructured data: How to start Unearthing insights right now !!

As data-driven culture is spreading, enterprises are struggling to tame the deluge of information that is mostly unstructured but stores valuable business insights. According to estimates, 80-90 percent of the data in any organization is unstructured. This information is created in formats such as emails, business documents, social media content or sensor data, and is buried in complex infrastructure and silos.


Like a few centuries back, however, this oil remains hidden, being largely unsearchable and difficult to evaluate. Unlocking value from unstructured data is posing a challenge. But leading companies that know how to make sense of their digital mess are turning this data into actionable intelligence. A variety of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools are emerging to help extract insights about customers, markets and trends from dark data.

What is Unstructured Data?

Every click, search, swipe, share or stream becomes data. This data may be structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Structured data can be easily organized into a table or a set of tables such as a relational data model (e.g., dates, credit card numbers or geolocation). Semi-structured information is a form of information that does not reside in relational tables but contains some semantic tags and other markers such as XML. Unstructured data is everything else. This information either does not have a pre-defined data model or is not organized. It cannot be analyzed using conventional tools.

Examples of Unstructured Data:

  • Social media content (incl. posts and tweets)

  • Sensor data (incl. IoT devices)

  • Log data (incl. servers, websites and application logs)

  • Communications (incl. emails, chats and messaging)

  • Text files (incl. business documents)

  • Audio files (incl. customer calls)

  • Video files ( incl. streams and surveillance data)

  • Images (incl. photos and scans)

Big Data is Getting Bigger, Less Structured …and More Rewarding

  • In 2020, the amount of newly created data is predicted to grow 44X compared with a decade ago

  • More than 80 percent of enterprise data is unstructured

  • 99.5% of collected data never gets used or analyzed

  • 79% of executives believe that failing to embrace big data may lead to their companies’ extinction. That’s why 83% of companies invest in big data projects

  • The amount of unstructured data is increasing at an incredible rate of 55-65 percent each year

  • Revenue from big data is expected to generate $274.3 billion globally in 2022

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