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Maximum Uptime. Minimum Downtime

We all know how frustrating it can be when your ATM is down and you're watching money go out the door.

Kansas City most reliable
BitCoin ATM Repair Service 

Helping you meet your customer’s needs is the core of our business. Our support services can help you minimize downtime and maximize uptime. The result is a network of reliable Bitcoin ATM machines that will allow your customers to perform a variety of financial transactions in settings that are convenient for them, at any time of day. They’ll stay happy, and your business will continue to grow. Our technicians can easily perform repairs including Resets, keypad, lock, mainboard, printer, software, dispensing, communication, or power issues.


Our policy is to take the most cost-effective approach for our customers.

We offer you the full package; installation, monitoring, and service if needed. Whether you’re expanding into a new regional market or just considering adding a few Bitcoin ATMs to your chain of local supermarkets, we can help you achieve your goals, and provide the service you need to keep your fleet up and running/

#Kansas City ONLY dedicated #BitCoinTechnicians 



Service Tech” is always available on weekends and after-hours so that your ATM issues can be resolved 24/7, regardless of what time day you may need assistance.

Call Direct: Click # 913-235-3872 


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