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Today, business intelligence is not only accessible to large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses can also benefit from self-service BI software like ours. However, like any new technology introduced, an initial training of the employees will help familiarize you with the new tool and maximize the benefit you can get from it. For more effective monitoring and control over your analytics, business intelligence coaching is the safest and fastest way to achieve a good return on investment and save time in the long run.

Lower risk

By opting for AMIGO IQ, business intelligence consulting services, you greatly reduce the risk of failure, or at the very least, the risk of wasting time and money with unclear analysis and misunderstood insights. Navigating the ocean of data that your company produces and collects every day is a real challenge, one for which many business professionals are not trained to face it. By turning to BI consulting service, you ensure a less chaotic start to your BI journey, learn best practices in the field, and optimize return on investment. We provide you with business intelligence coaching so that you also learn and can continue to add high value to your company in your next project. Reducing risk by using our services will give you a real competitive advantage for your project.

Competitive advantage

Just like we need a teacher sitting next to us when we start driving, benefiting from BI consulting services right from the start of your project will save you a lot of time and put you on the right track right away. Any new project that involves new technology to become familiar with will be a challenge, but you don't have to tackle it alone. Our BI experts will help your organization by delivering creative tailored business intelligence solutions, from implementing our best BI software to developing a purpose-focused and tactical data analytics suite. Thanks to our industry-specific knowledge, we help you understand and harness the power of your analytics, giving you a competitive advantage. Plus, you'll be up and running faster on your next project.

Valuable new insights

Thanks to AMIGO IQ business intelligence consulting services, companies gain valuable new insights that help them deepen their strategic thinking. By identifying new opportunities for improvement or connecting the right data with the right people, we stand behind you. Our BI experts will work closely with your teams to create and customize a BI architecture that will deliver maximum value based on your business analytics requirements. We help you master these requirements by using the best analytics practices we've developed over the years, so you gain a fresh perspective on your data and achieve your strategic goals. These new approaches and new perspectives will give you a competitive advantage and help top management by moving them toward better-informed decision-making.

Effective change management

When you choose to join the analytics train, you will face many new challenges and become familiar with new technologies. By choosing BI consulting and business intelligence coaching services, you will be assisted by professionals who will work closely with you to ensure this digital transformation runs smoothly. From initial planning with clear goals and timelines, to delivery, we will ensure that the result meets your objectives by constantly adapting to new changes as project needs evolve. In fact, the requirements evolve as does the scope of the analytics; that's why we want to give you the knowledge and capabilities to manage your BI environment to monitor all the data you have for lasting benefits.

Maximize ROI

With AMIGO IQ, business intelligence consulting services, the time-consuming and financial burden of pre-development, delivery and implementation is done on our side - you can directly leverage the best-in-class BI solution extended with consulting services . By minimizing development and deployment costs and improving user adoption, you will realize value faster. Thanks to our BI expertise, you can quickly gain useful information, save time and money, and ultimately take decision-making one step further, maximizing return.


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