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Driving Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry

The retail industry is constantly evolving with the rapidly-changing consumer behavior and market trends. This is also because of the digital boom and the growth of e-commerce. Customers now have the option to choose any preferred consumer goods at their fingertips and a big chunk of the purchases are made online these days. This means that players in the retail industry need to embrace technology to stay competitive and cater to the varying demands of their customers. It is high time to upgrade the marketing and sales strategies as well as optimize business operations to make the most of the opportunities and expand the business. From conversational AI and Intelligent Automation to RPA and Machine Learning, retail businesses can employ many different emerging technologies to tackle their challenges and reorganize their market approach for the future.

Retail Ai Solution
Guarantees Up to 25% More Profit
and a 5:1 ROI in 120 Days












Our Smart Retail solution is best suited for shopping malls, supermarkets and other retail settings. Using sensors, beacons, and our cloud-based, the solution helps retailers personalize the in-store experience by allowing them to send personalized offers straight to a customer’s mobile device when they are nearby or in the store. Benefits to retailers:

  • Elevate the consumer experience

  • Real-time promotions and interaction

  • Increased sales and reduced customer churn

  • Detailed customer segmentation for targeted marketing

  • Detailed analytics via admin back end

  • Indoor navigation guidance

  • Align goals with customer interest

  • Measure success of ad campaign

  • No technical skills required











Solution features

  • Create customer groups

  • Interactive media campaigns

  • Mobile wallet integration

  • Indoor navigation system

  • Create geofences for targeted marketing

  • Rich insights and in-depth analysis

  • Real-time chat to respond to questions

Facial recognition and machine learning options

Proof of value workshops: Our workshop moves beyond the theory of IoT and we’ll work on use case definition, opportunity assessment, as well as an IoT roadmap, including how to build and deploy a pilot project and value realization.

Audit and readiness assessment: We’ll map out digital capabilities, explore how IoT can enable outcome-driven business models, explore specific scenarios on how IoT can transform a business and assess a company’s current state of readiness for actualizing IoT.

Transformation roadmap strategy: We assist our customers in reaching their business goals with services that support them to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nature and impact of transformational technologies.

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