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5 Ways AMIGO IQ IS Transforming the 

Logistics Industry


#1: Visibility

#2: Accurate Tracking Updates

#3: Self-Service Features

#4: Substance and Delivery Communication

#5: The Ability To Take Action When Delivery Exceptions Arise

Improve Efficiency by 5x

Find out why increasing last mile complexity means it’s time to throw out the routing guide and become more dynamic.

Logistics Industry is going through a transformative phase, and it is witnessing an increased adoption of emerging technologies as new entrants are shaking up the sector and customer expectations are skyrocketing. The industry now demands faster, cheaper, reliable, and sustainable delivery services and companies have started leveraging intelligent material handling equipment, autonomous vehicles and several other advancements.

Harnessing the Emerging Technologies










Turbo-charge your Fleet solution with AMIGO RPA BOT 

Improve fleet & field service agility

Enable drivers and field employees to reliably and efficiently complete complex tasks using a fleet management app for vehicle inspections, installation & maintenance, asset management, and more.

  • Pre-populate fleet data, e.g. OBD-II information and service history, into forms

  • Easily capture rich media: photos, sketches, GPS/Time stamps...

  • Use contextual data handoffs between apps for a seamless user experience

  • Quickly edit hundreds of forms using enterprise grade bulk management tools

  • Easily develop custom mobile forms for a variety of use cases

Easily configure 100% digital workflows that expand the distribution of fleet data, documents, and vehicle records to a multitude of back-office systems and cloud destinations, beyond your fleet management solution, in real time.

  • Accelerate follow-up actions; invoicing, shipping, corrective actions after inspection, etc.

  • Automatically share data with stakeholders for further review, editing, approval, and/or action

  • Trigger SMS messages when vehicle inspections result in a 'fail' rating

  • Dynamically name docs using form data for easy record-keeping

  • Reassign work in progress including jobs that span multiple shifts or time periods

  • Use mobile fleet management to create rich records and meet compliance

  • Embed multimedia and location data into fleet records to quickly build detailed reports for incidents/accidents, maintenance records, and more.

  • Easily design custom documents to meet regulatory requirements – with full control over format and content

  • Use templates for different forms, reducing repetitive work

  • Populate many custom docs (PDF/Word...) with every submission

  • Simplify compliance reporting for all environmental, health, safety, and quality processes

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