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How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the World of Sports?

Today, the technological landscape is expanding by all leaps and bounds, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains in the thick of it. A technology that is one for the present and future, AI is playing a massive role in shaping businesses to the core. 

1. Enhancements in Recruitment Analysis

2. Use of Deep Learning by AI in NASCAR

3. The Rise of Automated Journalism

4. The Role of AI in Coaching

5. Optimization of Fan’s Experience

From deep learning systems ensuring the safety of players to a sports app development company creating apps that optimize fans’ experience. There is a lot to look forward to from Artificial Intelligence in the sports world. 

 Augmented and predictive analytics features

Put AI-powered analytics in the hands of every business user, no data science training required – with the augmented analytics capabilities in SAP Analytics Cloud.


NFL & Ai

A combination of sensor technology and AI helps coaches improve players' technique. For example, in weight training – now virtually universal across sports – AI can provide real-time feedback to maximize the results of a workout and create personalized training regimens that busy coaches may not be able to provide


Ai Sports 

Smart Discovery: Automated insights and data storytelling


With the Smart Discovery feature, you can use automated machine learning models to reveal relationships and hidden patterns in a specific dataset – without the help of a data scientist and without human bias. Automatically generate data visualizations and comprehensive, up to four-page data stories that surface important insights, including trends, key influencers and outliers, and enable interactive what-if simulation.

Intelligent predictive analytics

Automate sophisticated predictive analysis with machine learning algorithms – and predict outcomes and generate forecasts with a click.

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