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How it works

Companies that make the right decisions at the right time succeed.


Businesses succeed or fail by the speed and quality of their decisions. Whether the goal is revenue, profitability, a competitive edge or all of the above, the best decisions are the ones informed by data and AI.


Boost Revenue Performance 

Efficiently Scale Your Revenue Team

Intelligent Sales Planning

Focus the revenue team around a defined set of accounts and balance territory potential across reps.

Audience Creation

Efficiently identify, target, and analyze unique account segments to enter and expand within markets.

Deal Acceleration

Deep insights empower reps to multi-thread across buying teams and seal the deal sooner.

Proactive Prospecting

Arm reps with the resources they need to craft personalized, persuasive outreach that engages the best accounts — long before the competition comes knocking.


Digital Advertising

Boost ROI on campaign spend by reaching the right target accounts the first time.

Audience Creation

Mobilize the revenue team around high-value account targets that can be measured and analyzed.

Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your go-to-market performance and how marketing contributes value.

Pipeline Intelligence

AI-powered recommendations so you can plan, track and forecast pipeline quality and make the right adjustments.

Direct Engagement

Encourage more interactions with your brand — and conversations with your sales team — by targeting in-market accounts.

Deliver Predictable Revenue Growth

Our solution predicts when accounts are in-market and delivers rich insights that salespeople use to engage buying teams at ideal moments with high-value, personalized outreach.

Give sales teams prioritized accounts and buyers to keep them laser-focused on what converts.

Hire and retain top talent with a modern, proven sales process that eliminates wasted effort on spam and cold calls.

Exceed revenue goals with a pipeline that’s consistently filled with high-quality accounts.

Unify marketing and sales with a single source of truth to strategize and run effective go-to-market motions.

Build a no-fail ideal customer profile (ICP)

Confidently know when accounts are in-market

Get marketing, sales, and rev ops on the same page

Divide, conquer, and expand your total addressable market (TAM) in an actionable way

Improve ROI on advertising and campaign spend

Consistently meet and exceed revenue goals

Accurately forecast pipeline to revenue conversion


Target the Right Accounts &
Boost Win Rates


Precision Targeting for B2B Advertisers 

An AI-Powered Approach

to Demand Generation

Digital Advertising

Improve spend efficiency and reach active buyers in target accounts with segmented, multi-channel digital advertising.

Campaign & Audience Research

Fully understand your audience with detailed insights to maximize ROI on your campaigns, programs, and messaging.

Direct Engagement

Build crucial rapport with decision makers at target accounts with engaging, value-packed content.

Inbound Lead Management

Identify your most promising leads and focus efforts to keep them fully engaged.

Scalable & Cost-Efficient Advertising

Traditional B2B advertising channels are expensive and offer limited scalability as your business grows.

Our custom DSP gives you access to inventory across thousands of publishers, delivering scale and cost-efficiency.

Integration with LinkedIn makes dynamic audiences available as part of any LinkedIn campaign.

Use account-level targeting in Facebook for more cost-efficient traffic and engagement campaigns.

Light up your sales funnel 

Activity Graph

View the trendline of account engagement, including details on known and anonymous intent signals, website visits, predicted in-market buying stage, and sales and marketing engagement activities.

Account Insights

Get quick access to account technographic and firmographic details from our Company Graph and see which account locations are most engaged with your brand.

Next Best Action using AI

Take the guesswork out of account engagement with AI-based recommendations that help reps prioritize actions, reduce manual effort, and engage the right contacts at the right time with relevant messages.

Persona Map

Identify the most important contacts within an account to engage, easily understand how engaged they are with your brand, and uncover white space where additional contacts should be acquired.

Align sales and marketing
By giving AEs and BDRs easy access to the same data and insights relied upon by marketing.

Prioritize the best accounts
With in-market and ICP-fit predictions available right within your CRM.

Identify the buying team
and key contacts to understand who is engaged, and quickly uncover where additional contacts should be acquired.

Know how to engage
with AI-driven Next Best Actions to help prioritize actions like contacts to engage or acquire and key talking points to use.

Engage at the right time
with the right message by tapping into deep account insights, including a visual trendline of engagement activity.

Make every conversation relevant
by understanding how prospects are engaging with research keywords, topics, website pages, and campaigns.

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Aggressive Revenue Targets ? 
No Problem, achieve predictable,
strategic growth while inspiring and leading sales teams to crush their QUOTAS!

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