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Maximize ROI

With AMIGO IQ, business intelligence consulting services, the time-consuming and financial burden of pre-development, delivery and implementation is done on our side - you can directly leverage the best-in-class BI solution extended with consulting services . By minimizing development and deployment costs and improving user adoption, you'll get value faster.

Amigo IQ, explore the world in search of the most advanced technology available for companies in Mexico and Latin America. We then intensively interview, and research developers, programmers, and companies, in order to determine the authenticity of the technological capability claims of their solutions.

Then we are trained and certified by the company and a formal attaché joins, Amigo IQ brings these technologies to the market. We eliminate the risk of what most decision makers fear the most, which is hiring a bogus company or freelancers who "talk a lot" about their capabilities and fall short or don't even complete the project.

There is no fee for you, the buyer client, our fees are charged by the company we hire for a specific project. Amigo IQ collects the payment from you the client, we control the developer's payroll and expenses as a safeguard for everyone's comfort. In short, we are hounds for the discovery of new technologies and the Link of projects.

Just some of our clients: Ford, Wendy's, Dun & Bradstreet, Whirlpool


Who is AMIGO IQ?

AMIGO IIQ, as a software intelligence company. We empower governments, organizations, businesses and small businesses to access valuable, yet often difficult to obtain, information on their operations that enables true business transformation. We are a team of scientists, engineers, machine learning experts, and more, working together to advance the state of the art in AI.

The AMIGO IQ team

AMIGO IQ, has 56 DATA SCIENTISTS around the world. From Silicon Valley, Mexico to Japan, you will find a passionate and dedicated team of innovators, technical experts, and visionaries. All with Ph.Ds and Masters in data science, quantum math, statistics, decades of proven B2B solutions, and life experience.


"Think 10 years: about a billion children will be born on our planet. Children who will see digital workers as the norm. We must get this right, not only in quality and execution, but also in ethics and morality." . - Director of Amigo IQ - Germán Nieto

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